Why to Use Columbus Foreclosure Listings to Buy Homes and Several Benefits of Columbus City

Why to Use Columbus Foreclosure Listings to Buy Homes and Several Benefits of Columbus City

Columbus is the capital and the biggest city in the state of Ohio and the fourth biggest city in the American Midwest. Columbus foreclosure listings are valuable source of information on foreclosed properties in the city that are selling for 10 to 50% discounts.


Columbus foreclosure listings reveal that this is the opportune time to purchase properties in Columbus as prices of foreclosures are low since otherwise real estate is dear in the city. Investing in the city via Columbus foreclosure listings confer several other benefits.


Due to its unique demographic profile that includes a diversity of races, and a wide range of incomes, Columbus is treated as a “typical” American city and has been the site for test marketing of products by retail chains and restaurants. The city was also ranked as 15th most literate city in the nation in 2008 and the 19th best educated.


In 2008, the city was ranked seventh in the country as an area to operate a business by Market Watch. In 2006, the city was ranked as the seventh strongest economy in the country. In 2009, the GDP of the area was $ 90 billion. The recession of 2007 had low impact on the economy due to its diversification. Government is a major employer in the region. Other prominent employers include schools like Ohio State University, hi tech research companies like OCLC, Chemical Abstracts, and other companies like JP Morgan Chase and Owens Corning.


In the educational front, Columbus is home to two Public colleges: The Ohio State University (one of the biggest college campuses in the nation) and Columbus State Community College. Columbus city schools is the largest school district in Ohio.


Museums are plenty led by Columbus Museum of Art, the Wexner Centre for the Arts, the Ohio Historical Society and the Centre of Science and Industry. Parks include Inniswood Metro Gardens, a collection of public gardens, the Big Darby Creek, the Chadwick Arboretum etc. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is world famous. In 2009, it was ranked as the best zoo in the nation and also houses a water park and an amusement park.


Columbus is home to many performing arts groups such as Symphony Orchestra, Opera Columbus, Youth Ballet, Contemporary American Theatre Company, Jazz orchestra and Children Theatre. There are many large concert venues in the city like Nation wide Arena, Jerome Schottenstein center, Newport Music Hall etc.


Columbus foreclosure listings give detailed information on foreclosed properties in the city of Columbus that helps to compare the various features of properties and allows one to come to a decision. Up to date and comprehensive information can be obtained by subscribing to online Columbus foreclosure listings. Thus these listings are invaluable to investors.


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